FAQ: SHIFT Residency

What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is a residency program specifically designed for artists who work full-time as arts administrators.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be nominated by previous SHIFT residents or their employers in order to apply. Nominations can be sent to Michelle Levy, Director of EFA Project Space, or Meghana Karnik, Program Manager.

Can I apply if I'm an artist working full-time as a professor in higher education?

Unfortunately, we do not accept applications from artists working full-time in academia as art professors. The SHIFT Residency is geared towards artists with full-time administrative roles that compete with the development of their art practice. 

How can I apply?

If you are nominated for SHIFT, EFA Project Space will contact you requesting an application and guidelines for submission.

When is the application deadline?

All applications must be received by April 1.

What is the selection process?

Each year, EFA Project Space organizes a selection panel composed of past SHIFT residents, artists, curators, and critics to review the applications. All applicants are notified of whether they are selected to join the residency.

How long is the residency?

The full cycle of the residency is approximately 10 months, beginning with a two-week summer intensive in mid-August and ending with the SHIFT Residency exhibition in June. 

Where does the residency take place?

During the two-week intensive in August, EFA Project Space becomes a collective studio space with 24-hour access. After the two-week intensive, residents continue their projects in their own spaces with monthly follow-up meetings throughout the year, leading up to the evaluative retreat and June exhibition.

What is the residency schedule?

There is a two-week intensive in August in which residents have 24-hour access to a collective studio space. After the intensive, monthly meetings are held throughout the year based on collective availability. Meetings are led by SHIFT residents and moderated by EFA Project Space Director, Michelle Levy, and Program Manager, Meghana Karnik.

Do residents get studio space?

Residents have 24-hour access to EFA Project Space's 3,500 square foot gallery for two weeks in August. For the remainder of the residency, residents must use their own spaces to create their work.

Is there an exhibition at the end of the residency?

Yes. There is a group exhibition in EFA Project Space held in June.

What are the residency fees?

There are no residency fees; however, artists must be able to support their own materials and workspaces during the residency year. Production support and honoraria are provided for participation in the SHIFT Residency exhibition.

For more information, contact Meghana Karnik, EFA Project Space Program Manager at meghana@efanyc.org.