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Exhibition: CHAPERONE

June 10- July 29 
Wednesdays, 7pm

Participating artists:  
Alex Bag, Beth Campbell, Ian Cooper, Anna 
Craycroft, Amy Granat, k8 Hardy, Kalup Linzy, 
Sara Greenberger Rafferty

Organized by Ian Cooper and Michelle Levy

EFA Project Space presents Chaperone, an eight-week summer event. This weekly series consists of films handpicked by a group of artists, all whose work provocatively explores disparate aspects of our culture's love affair with mediated reality.  The participating artists are:

Sara Greenberger Rafferty: Lucas June 10th 2009

Alex Bag: Grandma’s Boy June 18th 2009

Anna Craycroft: The Century of the Self (episodes 1 & 3) June 24th 2009

Ian Cooper: SCREAM 3 July 1st 2009

Amy Granat: Venom and Eternity July 8th 2009

k8 Hardy: Freak Orlando July 15th 2009

Kalup Linzy: Desperate Living July 22nd 2009

Beth Campbell: Altered States July 29th 2009