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Workshop: DIY Quick and Dirty Ephemera Swap II with Printeresting

Saturday, December 11, 2010


EFA partners up with Printeresting yet again to present another DIY Quick and Dirty Ephemera Swap!


We invite you to bring your prints, posters, photocopy art, zines, comix, buttons, t-shirts, stickers, chapbook, mail art and any other form of multiple that is ripe for distribution. The Swap is intended for creators to trade the stuff they've made with other creative-types (no sales, only trades) and embrace the gift economy made possible through mass production! 


For more information, and if you wish to participate, please contact us ( by December 1st to find out more. Space is limited, but we want you all here!


Hope to see you at EFA Project Space and prepare for a trading frenzy!