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A Collaboration with Showpaper

September 23 – October 23, 2010

Opening reception: Thursday, September 23, 6 - 10 pm

Gallery hours: Wednesday through Friday, 12 - 6 pm
Installations by: Catharine Ahearn, David Berezin, Grayson Cox, Charles Harlan, Steve Lambert, Francisco Marcial, Nadja Verena Marcin, George Pfau, Poster Company, Chris Rice, Borna Sammak.

Special four-part print series of Showpaper featuring new work from: Borden Capalino, Katja Mater,  Arthur Ou, and Grant Willing, 

Curators: Jie Liang Lin, Exhibition; Jesse Hlebo, Print Series and Zine Library

For up-to-date information on this project, check out the tumblr page.

EFA Project Space announces Short-Term Deviation. Beginning mid-September, this collaboration with the print publication Showpaper, is a month-long exhibition, publication, video and music event. Bringing the spirit of Showpaper—which crossbreeds music, art and D.I.Y. culture—to full incarnation, the gallery space will be transformed into a combination artist-crafted performance space, zine library, and video screening room.

In conjunction with Short-Term Deviation, Showpaper will run a four-part print series featuring new work from Grant Willing, Katja Mater, Arthur Ou, and Borden Capalino. With musical notation in mind as metaphorical framework, the artists were asked to respond to photos of the empty EFA Project Space— allowing these to serve as the initial ‘notation.’ Each issue is printed monochromatically in one of the four standard offset printing colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), in homage to the composition of the printed object.

Dividing EFA Project Space into two distinct rooms, the varied installations in the performance venue and the library/screening rooms explore concepts of the material and immaterial through tone and ambiance, and to pose interventions. Events scheduled every Thursday consist of video screenings and musical and artistic performances that play with the concepts of structure and noise. In the performance space, Nadja Marcincreates a mobile installation to provide the framework for other performances in addition to her own, which she willperform weekly using ventriloquism to explore the “Four Poles of Assumed Truths.” 

Travess Smalley and Max Pitegoff present new work based on their collaborative work as Poster Company.Borna Sammak creates an installation for a video landscape pieced together from captured footage. Catharine Ahearn fabricates a light-piece consisting of treated and layered found coupons.

The zine library/screening room will feature, "Fans", a dual-fan installation by Charles Harlan; “Hot Tubs”, an interactive silk-screened floor-piece by Grayson Cox; and projected video installations by George Pfau andDavid Berezin. The screening program will feature works culled from the genres of sci-fi, horror, and street intervention, rendering psychological spaces of stylistic and behavioral deviation.