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Panel Discussion: Take to the water! A discussion with artist - Nomads on the Aquatic Open Field

Thursday, June 16

6:30- 8:30 pm

At EFA Project Space, 323 West 39 Street, 2nd Floor

In conjunction with the Sea Worthy exhibition, EFA presents Take to the Water! an evening of presentations and conversation focusing on three significant creative movements that involve the rejection of land-based conventions in order to establish platforms for new possibilities on the ubiquitous waterways.  Join us as Constance Hockaday shares stories of her work with the Floating Neutrinos, Swoon talks about her activities with Miss Rockaday Armada and the sea-borne Swimming Cities collective, and Mary Mattingly describes the vision and realization of the Waterpod project. Following the presentations, Sea Worthy curatorial team member Dylan Gauthier will lead a discussion and talk-back with the artists.

About the Participants
Constance Hockaday is a nautical artist and lecturer. She is a member of a tribe known as theFloating Neutrinos. Headed by modern nomads Poppa Neutrino and Captain Betsy, they have built more than twelve rafts, largely from salvaged and recycled materials - one of which has crossed the North Atlantic Ocean. The Neutrinos have been a major influence in many of the artists in the Sea Worthy expedition series and to radical boat-builders everywhere.

Mary Mattingly is a New York-based artist and founder of The Waterpod, a self-sustaining inhabited barge containing living quarters, a farm, and performance space which floated from port to port in NYC during the summer of 2009. The Waterpod, a major collaborative effort by a team of artists, engineers, and architects, was envisioned by Mattingly as a model structure that could be “adaptable, flexible, self-sufficient, and relocatable, responsive to its immediate and shifting environment.”

Swoon is a well-known street artist and founding member of the Miss Rockaway Armada, Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea, and the Swimming Cities of Serenissima, floating along the Mississippi River, Hudson River, and the Venice Lagoon, respectively. Swoon's array of rafts built from salvaged materials has been a floating home to more than 30 artists, crossing hundreds of miles of water while stopping periodically along the water's edge for performances.

Dylan Gauthier is an artist, writer and educator, and a co-founder of Mare Liberum (, a boat-building and publishing collective based near the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn.  He has been organizing this Summer’s Sea Worthy project, alongside Jean Barberis, Ben Cohen, Michelle Levy, Georgia Munster, Kendra Sullivan and Sally Szwed.

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