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Event: The Inaugural Residents: One year later, Presentations from our 2010 Studio Residency for NYC Arts Workers

Wednesday, August 10th 6-9pm                                                                                           At EFA Project Space, 323 West 39th Street, 2nd Floor

They took over EFA Project Space’s 3,000 square foot gallery for two weeks last August 2010 to focus on their individual studio practice. In that time, they planned, they drafted, they researched, they constructed, they painted, they edited, they dug, they recorded, and they photographed. Our residents drew inspiration from their previous experience(s) with EFA Project Space, the gallery or their immediate environment, their careers as arts workers, and each artist’s ongoing curiosity in topics of exploration relating to their individual lifestyle and practice. Since the 2010 Residency inception, the residents have continued to meet throughout the year to support each other and share their progress in artistic practice, experimentation, change of direction and their related duties in the arts. 

Now, one year later, EFA Project Space’s inaugural residents would like to share their studio residency experience with you. We know the night’s events will instill a sense of urgency and inspiration in others through these discussions of artistic practice and balancing a life in the arts as arts workers and artists. Please join us on the evening of Wednesday, August 10th for a series of presentations that reflect on what the residents have accomplished, and where they are going. 

For more information about the Studio Residency for New York City Arts Workers, please click here and refer to the 2010 Residency blog.