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Chuck Chaney,   One Was Too Many,   installation view, 2009

Chuck Chaney, One Was Too Many, installation view, 2009

September 9 - October 22, 2011                                                                                 

Curated by: Joseph DeLappe

Participants: Tyler Adams, Vincent Akuin & Michael Manalo, Jorge Aldea, Tony Allard, Mehedi Amin, kenAR AEC & Team, Nadia Awad, Bill Balaskas, Joshua Berger, Chuck Chaney, Joseph Choma, Ivan Contrearas Rubio, NaJa + deOstos, Peter Di Salvo, Rodrigo Donoso, Carla Drago, Rob Duarte, Hakki Erol, Al Fadhil, Susanne Fasbender, Liz Filardi & Erik Burke, Sara Fiore, Nestor Armando Gil, Amro Hamzawi, Linda Hesh, Jona Hoier & Andreas Zingerle, Peter Janssen & Ward Janssen, Suzanne Kanatsiz, Athanasia Karaioannoglou, Matt Kenyon & Doug Easterly, Lynn Marie Kirby, Simon Kuntze-Fechner & Eddie Pinaud, Paula Levine, Patrick Lichty, Megan Mailloux, Alban Mannisi, Cat Soergal Marshall, Stephen Mundwiler & Cara Lee, Yaniz Ophir & Gila Fakterman, Farid Rakun, Julio Ramirez, Bekim Ramku, Rashad Salim, Andrea Stanislav, Erin Finch Stevens, Ehren Tool, Jack Toolin, Mark Tribe, Werryson Wijaya, Geri Wittig, Alyssa Wright, Sayoko Yoshida.

What is is a participation-based conceptual project launched in 2007 as an internet platform for artists, designers, and architects to propose concepts for memorials to the unrecognized civilian casualties incurred during the ongoing conflict in Iraq.  Existing as an open call and growing archive of ideas and works, is an effort initiated by one individual to call upon the collective creative community to consider the cost of war from all sides. Over the four years of the project's existence, the site has evolved to feature over 175 speculative memorial concepts and documentation of a variety of completed memorial projects.

From September 9 through October 22nd, 2011, EFA Project Space presents an exhibition of plans and responses selected out of the pool that now exist on the site. The proposal guidelines encourage participants to use a wide range of locations and mediums to create collective memory and unity, drawing upon traditional and expanded ideas of memorial. The exhibition on display at EFA presents a selection of several dozen of the most striking submissions as selected by two juror’s reviews in 2008 and 2009 as well as more recent projects that have been uploaded to the site.  Featured projects span a range of creative practices including:  architecture, social media, geomapping, performance, video and the visual arts.