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Event: To Have and To Owe Opening & Perforamance

  • EFA Project Space 2nd Floor 323 W 39th St New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)

Join EFA Project Space and organizers Leigh Claire La Berge and Laurel Ptak for the New York City opening of To Have and To Owe. Performance by artist Cassie Thornton will lead the audience to engage with debt's physical representation, activating it as a malleable substance that might change through collective re-evaluation. There will be a brief introduction about the project To Have and To Owe by co-organizer Laurel Ptak.

Cassandra Thornton may be found standing behind things and smiling. The smile may be misinterpreted as a sign of enthusiasm but it is in actuality a carefully implemented tactic developed to deter attention from her disappointment and skepticism about popular understanding of the limitations presented by reality.  This life-long frustration inspired a curiosity about the unknown and a series of projects that question or interact with what seems to be the regulating bodies of reality: institutions.  If an institution is a place, rhythm or habit that an individual subject and others can return to, then it creates many types of structures for Thornton to lurk behind.  Thornton is adept at the detached observation of how systems resonate in the unconscious of the individual and the collective. She has investigated aspects of the impact of debt through the assignation of physical shape and form, and most recently published interpretations of the manifestations of debt as related by contemporaries at the California College of the Arts. Learn more about her work at:,,