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Event: Poet's Security Force: Unpaid Shift Work

  • EFA Project Space 2nd Floor 323 W 39th St New York, NY, 10018 United States (map)

This event is part of Empathy Corporation, a presentation of A Blade of Grass and EFA Project Space's project The Hive, a platform for socially engaged art practices, featuring projects that expand the boundaries of art by seeking new ways to integrate into real life experience. 

A deeper debt is created as a social bond in which there is no creditor.  New truths are produced through the interaction of singularities being together.  A real security is forged by those no longer bound in fear.

-Hardt and Negri 2012

On Saturday, July 20th, join the Poets' Security Force for an afternoon of unpaid security work. Our security guard/poets have done the hard work of using poetry as a weapon to create real security-- amongst each other and inside the security industry. This day will function like an orientation, as well as work. Come do the work of redefining the meaning of security for yourself.  

At noon we will begin shift work, which involves a lecture about the history of the security industry, a map of what is protected in NYC, and a chance to define and protect something that has been left vulnerable in a highly securitized city.

Please come prepared with these two items:

- Attire: white shirt, comfortable black pants and shoes

- A description of what "security" is to you