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Emotional Labor Union Town Hall Meeting

Welcome to a Town Hall meeting hosted by the Emotional Labor Union. This event provides a forum for concerns, questions, and grievances about emotional labor and the state of the emotional economy today.

The Emotional Labor Union is a new commission by Megan Snowe. The Union's handbook and history is on view as part of Once More, with Feeling, curated by Chelsea Haines.

Union representatives will be be present to moderate the discussion. All are welcome to bring concerns to the floor as well as respond to fellow citizens with advice and reflections. This town hall will be an open discussion format. We want to hear your voices!

Questions we recommend considering:

- How, why and when do you experience emotion? express emotion?
- Do you find yourself expressing emotion more at work or not at work?
- In what contexts are we asked by a boss, partner, friend or other external force to express or control our emotions?
- What do you think your emotional data is being used for?
- What is an appropriate use for this data?
- What do you consider to be an emotional investment?
- What is your desired return on an emotional investment?
- How do we gauge emotional impact and value?

The Emotional Labor Union exists to protect the rights of emoting citizens, negotiate fair use of emotional information and provide resources for increased emotional awareness, intelligence, agency and regulation.

Emotions are capital; emotions are invested; emotions are precious substances formed by extended and repeated internal and external pressures, welling up as information-rich crude, fuel for our emotional economy.

As an emoter you are entitled to power over these emotions. The Emotional Labor Union stands committed to promoting the rights and well-being of all working in the emotional labor field; of all working to ensure efficient and effective transmission across social wiring; of all who process and relay emotional information; of all who regulate, simulate and perform; of all who support; of all who react; ; __ ;

This event takes place in conjunction with Once More, with Feeling (November 11 - December 23, 2016) at EFA Project Space. 

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