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The Emotional Labor Movement

Image: courtesy of Megan Snowe

Image: courtesy of Megan Snowe

Please join for an introductory session of the Emotional Labor Movement with ELU-certified motion therapist Kendra Kambestad.

A link to book a 5 minute session will be available on the EFA Project Space site for Once More, with Feeling.

This is a chance to dip your toe into your subconscious emotional resources through movement and to improve your skills as a witness to expression.

Participants are invited to sign up for a 5 minute session of solo movement, with eyes closed and without choreography, with Kambestad, after which you will be asked to name the emotions you experienced while moving. Kambestad will provide feedback about what she witnessed in your movement and invite you to consider the connection between emotion, movement and body. While awaiting and/or healing from scheduled sessions, participants are invited to enjoy the Emotional Labor Union lounge and literature, engaging in emotional expression by observing others practice and perform their brief movement sessions. These sessions will run from 6:30 - 7:30 pm.

Those who are curious about this topic and who would rather not participate in the solo movement are nevertheless warmly welcome! There will be a Union representative present to answer any questions you may have about the ELU as well as participate in movement along side any individual who would rather not move solo. It is advised to come promptly at 6:30 PM no matter your scheduled session time.

At the conclusion of these sessions we will come together and discuss the relationship between emotion, movement, body, and the ways in which, by exploring this relationship, one can better understand how emotions take form in ourselves and our lives. Movement, identification, feedback and witnessing are all great tools to heighten awareness of the stages of emotional expression and labor. The ELU believes that greater awareness of process makes for a more empowered emoter, with greater capacity to represent their professional interests effectively.

This event is ideal for those interested in joining the Emotional Labor Union and getting a taste of the benefits our organization offers its members. It is also open to ELU members who would like to deepen their emotional resources. Whether your reasons are to increase impact of daily expression, broaden your emotional range, or better understand the science behind the feelings we have this is a great workshop for you!

This event takes place in conjunction with Once More, with Feeling (November 11 - December 23, 2016) at EFA Project Space. 


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