What is SHIFT?

SHIFT is a residency specifically catered to the needs and schedules of practicing artists who work for arts organizations in New York City.

What qualifies as an arts organization?

In general, museums, alternative spaces, visual and performing arts venues, workshops, residencies, foundations, and governmental cultural initiatives. On a case by case basis, artists working at for profit companies, or in administrative roles in higher education institutions are considered.

Who can apply?

Applicants must be nominated in order to apply. Nominations are solicited from a rotating list of colleagues in the field and alumni.
EFA seeks artists who have worked a minimum of 5 years in positions at arts institutions in New York. Preference is given to artists who hold full-time positions at non-profit arts organizations, and who show a commitment to pursuing a professional art practice at the same time.

How can I apply?

If you are nominated for SHIFT, EFA Project Space will contact you with guidelines for submission. If you have not been nominated, but are interested in being considered for future rounds of the residency, please watch the schedule for SHIFT open house and exhibition events, and make sure to come by and introduce yourself!

How long is the residency?

The full cycle of the residency is approximately 10 months, beginning with a two-week summer intensive in mid-August and ending with theSHIFTResidency exhibition in June.

Where does the residency take place?

This is a "low-residency" residency. The first two weeks are held at EFA Project Space gallery, which is converted into an open plan collective workspace at 323 West 39th Street. After the two-week intensive, residents continue their projects on their own with monthly follow-up meetings held in New York City throughout the year.

What are the costs associated with the residency?

SHIFT residency is free. A modest honorarium of $500 is given for participation in the intensive. Additional production support and artist fees are provided for the exhibition in June. Some meals are provided throughout the year, and food, travel and lodging expenses are covered for the annual weekend retreat. EFA works with the resident's employers to grant the two-week intensive period in August as professional development, and therefore paid leave.

How many artists participate each year?

Six or seven artists are selected each round.

What is the residency schedule?

Residents begin with the two week intensive in mid-August, to which they must commit full-time. Artists are expected to arrive with outlined goals for the residency, as well as plans for a new project to jumpstart during the intensive. Throughout the intensive, regular feedback sessions and presentations take place, concluding with an Open House on the final Friday. After the intensive, monthly meetings are held throughout the year, where participants share their progress and continue to offer each other feedback. These meetings are hosted by the residents and facilitated by EFA staff. A three day retreat is held in the Catskills in the late Spring, and the residency concludes with a one-month exhibition at EFA Project Space in June.

Do residents get studio space?

Residents have 24-hour access to EFA Project Space's 3,500 square foot gallery for two weeks in August. For the remainder of the residency, residents continue to make work on their own.

Is there an exhibition at the end of the residency?

Yes. There is a four week group exhibition in EFA Project Space held in June.

For more information, contact JP Anne Giera, EFA Project Space Program Manager at jpanne@efanyc.org.