Resonance and Repetition

November 9 - December 22, 2012

Opening Reception, Thursday, November 8, 6-8pm

At EFA Project Space, 323 W. 39st St, 2nd Floor

Artists: Hector Arce-Espasas, Ion Arregui, Bestué-Vives, Sara Deraedt, Aleksandra Domanović, Steffani Jemison, Katja Mater, Pedro Neves Marques, Julia Spínola

Curated by: Rivet

EFA Project Space is pleased to present Resonance and Repetition, a group exhibition featuring work by 10 artists organized by curatorial office Rivet. Resonance and Repetition carries forward the office's ongoing research into object-oriented philosophy and its potential connections with contemporary art practice. This is the second iteration of a research and exhibition project related to the notion of resonance. Simultaneous to Resonance and Repetition, Rivet organizes a parallel exhibition and program, Resonance, at the Goethe-Institut New York's Wyoming Building in the East Village (October 26 - December 16, 2012).

Starting with the basic terms. Resonance is the capacity of a system to be perturbed -- much like a glass of milk when exposed to salt. It speaks to how entities (whether humans beings, things, social systems or ideas) act upon each other according to local conditions. Repetition, on the other hand, allows us to think about an entity's stability over time -- either through a focus on affinities, resemblances or even disappearances. When put together, resonance and repetition present a strange case for an object's autonomy while simultaneously being open to affect, and be affected by, its environment. By joining these two terms, this exhibition prioritizes dynamic networks of assemblages and analyzes contemporary life as a set of changing conditions. Instead of looking at how humans represent things, Resonance and Repetition considers things and the varying roles they may play in specific moments.



Tuesday, November 20, 6:30pm The Anonymous Life of Patek Philippe: A Reading with Pedro Neves Marques

Wednesday, December 12, 6:30pm A repetition-inspired gallery walkthrough with the curators and the exhibition’s NYC-based artist.


The Vera List Center for Art and Politics